Candles of Hope

LT Co. Creates Charity Candle

Laura and her family, partner Justin and two daughters, Olivia and Lilly, have teamed up with Australian based charity, Classroom of Hope,to help raise funds to build a school in Cambodia in 2020.

Roping in her young daughters to the cause, Laura wanted them to get involved. This was the perfect project in her educating them to be strong independent women.

‘I want them to see different, to not be too quick to judge and be grateful for who they are and what they have’ says Laura.

For herself and partner Justin, Owner and Director of Moleta Munro, wanted to get involved from a personal ‘giving back’ level.

Classroom of Hope

The Aussie based charity, Classroom of Hope, was set up by husband and wife duo, Duncan and Nicola Ward. It is a non-profit organisation that builds new schools and deliver scholarships to children in developing countries around the world. The charity works from a 100% donation model. and  believes every child deserves access to quality education.

The Story

First of all how did the fundraising for a school in Cambodia come about for Laura, Justin and the girls?

It was a warm day in April 2018, Laura and Justin were sitting on friend and neighbour, Alisoun Mackenzie’s deck enjoying a G&T in the sunshine. Alisoun, a business coach and author has done much humanitarian work with young genocide survivors in Rwanda. It is a topic of conversation that arises at neighbourly get-togethers, as Laura too has spent a lot time in Africa. Alisoun mentioned she was about to head up a new project to fundraise to build a school in Cambodia. Both Laura and Justin were instantly taken with the idea of being involved. It was an instant ‘can we join you”. And so the journey began and the idea behind a charity candle was born.


The Candle

And finally the candle. Laura has created an exclusive LT Co. charity candle, using delicate scents of Coconut, Lemon and Lime. When burning this candle, the scent will transport you back to the time where you were somewhere exotic and tropical. It ties beautifully with Cambodian food and climate. The sweet notes of coconut and hints of lemon and lime make this candle truly unique and very uplifting.

‘Creating an all natural candle whereby all profits go to the fundraising target was lots of fun’ says Laura.

To help raise the funds of their fundraising target of £3500, £15 of each of the £20 Coconut, Lemon and Lime candles sold will go directly to the fundraising pot!

Please support the cause and buy one of the candles, by clicking here .With massive thanks from Laura and her family.

Kate x


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