LT’s Guide to a Better Night’s Sleep

Happy New You

With New Year comes New Resolutions. And the one that keeps cropping up time and time again is getting more sleep! Rest is so important for our bodies and health benefits that occur during our sleeping hours such as immune functions, muscle repair, memory storage and more.

Not to mention that our mood is dependent on it! When we are tired we don’t have the same frustration tolerance and clear judgement that we have when we are properly rested. Sleep deprivation is also linked to depression. Need we say more.

Oh and it doesn’t cost us anything. Have we sold it to you yet?

Sleep Guide

The LT team has put together their own guide on top tips for a great nights sleep.

Unwind with a  bath

If aches or soreness are the thing keeping you up at night, have a bath before bed. Lavender is a great way of relaxing tight muscles without the painkillers. Do it the natural way with Lavender Bath Salts,

Bathing in salt crystals also helps stimulate circulation, hydrate the skin, increases moisture retention, detoxifies the skin and helps heal, scaling irritated skin.

The Romans brought Lavender to Scotland for it’s wonderful cleansing and healing properties.  Our ‘Lavender Bath Salt’ combines these treasured effects with the hydration, detoxification and regenerative power of rock salt.  The result is a wonderful natural body exfoliator that will leave you uplifted and energised.

One of the newest members of the LT product range, you can buy LT Bath Salts here for £12.50 for 250g.

Relax with Essential Oils

When it comes to getting relaxed before bed the natural way, nothing beats a few sprays of Lavender Pillow Mist , the go-to sleep scent. Lavender Pillow Mist is a natural sleep aid, made with 100% Lavender Essential Oil. Simply spray over pillow before sleep and let the Lavender calm and relax your body and mind for a sound nights sleep.  It is no wonder lavender pillow mist is our best selling product!

Invest in bedding

It’s hard to beat crisp, white bed linen for a wonderful sleeping experience.  Our Loire Ladderstitch Linen is the perfect choice as it’s naturally breathable, lightweight and super soft. Made from luxurious 100% Egyptian cotton, the Rolls Royce of cottons. It produces long ‘stables’ of yarn, which means that when spun and woven it produces a very tight knit, which in turn creates a very durable cotton.

Snuggling down in luxury linen is guaranteed to give you the ultimate restful sleep, night after night.

Read a book

If you can’t sleep pick up a book. With the constant bombardment from phones and computers these days, a book will invariably be the most chilled activity you did all day (no eBooks allowed). So if you can’t sleep, read a few pages, get your mind off yourself, and prepare to drift off in no time. Check out our pick of the month Gabriella Bennett’s Art of Coorie – How to Live Happy the Scottish Way.

Happy Sleeping!

Love, Laura x

Laura Thomas Co- LT Co Shoot 3 2020 © Helen Pugh Photography
Laura Thomas 1st 2020 shoot, May 18th 2020. © Helen Pugh Photography



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