NEW LT SS2017 Collection, part 2

Wow can you believe it’s May already?  The summer season is nearly here, which makes me so excited.  I’m a summer girl through and through and love the lighter nights, heading to the beach for a paddle or picnic, walks, summer platters (my girls get a raw platter with summer fruits and veg at least twice a week in my house #lazymum) food festivals, cycle rides, the list is endless…

So the word ‘versatile’ was in the forefront of my thoughts when I was thinking / creating / designing my new Spring Summer 2017 collection.

The Timeless Towels are back again this season.  They were so popular last year due to their versatility.  Some lovely clients posted pics of their Timeless Towels from various uk beaches, while picnicking in Germany, travels to Indian retreats and towels drying outside Australian grass huts.  Happy TT’s buyers were using them as beach mats, handy travel towels, picnic rugs in the park and sarong.  Added design of ‘Coastal Blue Stripe’ is pretty, coastal, super soft and will look über cool on beach this summer.




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I am SO unbelievably happy with the new summer Beach Ponchos.  While surfing in France last year I noticed a lot of surfers chucking on a long style poncho when they came out the water.  Searching online for a more feminine one (the big surf labels seem to do just black and blue) I decided that part of my SS2017 range would be a more stylish looking beach changing poncho, for not just surfers but for everyone who need to not bare all and sundry on the beach while getting out of wet swimmies or wetties.

They are 100% terry towel.  absorbent and cosy, like the Timeless Towels they will look super cool on the beach this summer!  Available in two, one size fits all, kids and adults sizes.  Recommended for kids from aged 7.

Branded in the new Happy Vibes labels these ponchos are designed to be versatile.  Use to get out of your wetsuit, by the pool, on the beach to warm up or as a summer towel.





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xx Laura xx


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