House of the Year 2016: Urban Secret Hide Out in Edinburgh

When I came across this property, I was awe of how the design of this build creates an amazing contrast between light and dark, night and day.

Set in the New Town of Edinburgh, this build flows from space to space with walkways, secret windows, hidden panels and a roof that opens up to the sky.

Having lived in New Zealand where the light is so much more prominent and the seasons less defined, I’m obsessed with creating naturally lit living spaces within my own property here in Scotland.

Architect Richard Murphy has designed a building clearly deserving of the title, The House of the Year.  It embraces the darkness of Scotland during the winter months.  With push button hidden panels and pulley systems that open up windows, light can enter from all directions, creating a building that is illuminated with natural light, all year round.

The design creates a deep connection between the balance and flow of humans and nature.  At this time of year when the light is dim and the days are short our energy can be low, our thoughts stagnant and our bodies are more susceptible to illness.  We’re not outside within nature as in other seasons.  Living within a property that consciously opens up to the light and closes down to the darkness to create warmth and coziness is balanced and harmonious with the seasons, perfect for our health and well-being.

The Scandinavian minimalist interior and the use of natural materials of wood, steel and stone makes this a truly spectacular building.  A House of the Year award that is absolutely well deserved.









(images | Dezeem)

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