House Tour: Minimalist Apartment Living

Totally away from Christmas today with a house tour with a beautiful white floor.

This apartment caught my eye when I looked at its flooring.  I am currently in the throes of creating a holiday home in the back part of my building and I’ll be painting the floor white, hoping to achieve the results shown here.

Over the summer I painted my daughters bedroom floor boards white.  If I’m honest the paint I used wasn’t the best.  I’ll have to re-do this floor at a later date.  I ran out of steam.  It was a far bigger job than I had anticipated, as I had to lift the commercial carpet and then scrap all the glue off section by section which took hours of my time.

The holiday home floor however is good to go in terms of not much prep work.  It’s currently chip board and has no awful glue to lift off.  I’m looking forward to January and February already where I’ll be plastering and painting.  All progress will be followed on the blog.

Laura x


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Images via Alvhem

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