Monochrome House Tour: The Use of Black.

There are three things about the feature image of this monochrome house tour that gave a ‘wow factor’.

Firstly, the very clever use of black, pushing the eye towards the light of the outdoors.

Secondly, the black glossy kitchen units (like my own).  I’ve not seen a kitchen in a publication with shiny units.  When I installed my kitchen units I was being rather edgy with my own style.  Initially I’d wanted matt not gloss units.  Being that matt was unavailable, I went with the shiny alternative and I’m really happy with them.  This kitchen it is neat and unimposing.  It feels lived in yet uncluttered.  The light and design of this space is so relaxed and comfortable.

Third, I’m always looking for images of interiors that inspire.  I love how this kitchen has floor to ceiling glass.  The natural light that seeps within is phenomenal.  It bounces off the black walls and kitchen units into the room.  Not only does this let the outdoors in, it creates a feeling of vast open space tricking the eye into the feeling of real distance and expansion.









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I said this in my last post but I wanted to reiterate that I’ve been nominated again for the 3rd year running for ‘Best Luxury Blog’ 2016.  I would be so, so grateful if you have read this blog, even if it’s for the first time today and liked what you read, if you could vote for me.

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(images | Bo Bedre)




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