The Perfect Colour Promise by Dulux #LTIDreno The Outside Paint Job

Did you know that painting a house exterior can increase the value of your house within the time it takes to paint it?  As I’ve found, the process really isn’t that difficult, if you follow a few simple steps.

What happens however when you paint the exterior and the colour isn’t what you’d thought it would be?

A few weeks ago, I started painting the front facade of my home.  I used Dulux Weathersheild Exterior Masonry Paint and chose ‘Ivy Green’.  Always on the look out for something different and new, I went for a colour that would make my house stand away from the surrounding houses.

From the Dulux chart, the colour looked pastel olive-green.  Once painted however it came out a duck egg off green.  I’m really not sure why, but I just can’t do duck egg green.  So back in touch with Dulux, I found out they have ‘The Perfect Colour Promise’.

Did you know that is you’re not happy with the colour of your paint from Dulux, they will swap it for another colour.  What a great service, I really was impressed by the no questions asked paint change.

After a lengthy post on Facebook to find out what other’s thoughts were on a new colour, I’ve decided to be bold and go for black.  New tins of Weathersheild Masonry Paint are arriving today (I’m so excited) and I will be posting results soon, when I get one full wall painted on top of the green ivy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.10.33 PM


Step by Step: How to Paint your Pebbledash

1- Prepare the Walls.

Use a metal brush and scraper.  Scrap much of the loose peddledash off as possible.  This prep work doesn’t need to be perfect though, a lot of loose stones will come off into the masonry roller during the first coat.

Blue Paint Job 5

Blue Paint Job 1

2- Make a Test Patch

Yep, I did and true to form thought ‘the colour’s not that great but I’ll roll with it anyway’.

Blue Paint Job 2

Blue Paint Job 6

Outside Paint job 3a

3- Put a Thick First Coat On.

Using a masonry roller, slowly roll on the paint as thick as possible.  This took some time as the loose pebbles that didn’t come off with the brush and scraper certainly did with the roller!  A good few times I got messy and using my hand I pulled the stones out of the clogged up roller.

Blue Paint Job 7

First coat, front facade results.

Now for Black.

Black exterior, all white interior.  The irony…

Blue Paint Job 3

Blue Paint Job 4



New Laura Thomas Linens Products

Lifestyle shoot for Laura Thomas Linens, July 5th 2016. © Helen Pugh Photography Tel: 07837 533051

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Lifestyle shoot for Laura Thomas Linens, July 5th 2016. © Helen Pugh Photography Tel: 07837 533051

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Lifestyle shoot for Laura Thomas Linens, July 5th 2016. © Helen Pugh Photography Tel: 07837 533051

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