Caramelised Pear Cake

Looking round my kitchen yesterday after dishing up breakfast to the pyjama clad school holiday goers, I spied some unwanted and un-eaten pears.

This seriously sweet and gooey caramel cake is the perfect way to use up wanted fruit.  Pears, banana or apples, just cut them up and fan them on the bottom of your cake pan and you’ll have yourself some caramelised pear cake homemade goodness.


Firstly put your oven on to fan 180 degrees.  Using a flan dish (the bottom doesn’t open) grease the edges and put baking paper over the bottom.

Make the caramel sauce;

150g butter

90g brown sugar

Melt and boil over a high heat for 5 minutes.  Set aside.


Make the sponge mix;

In a kitchen whizz, mix 2 eggs, 75g of butter and 175g sugar.

Add 175g of self raising flour and 1 tsp of vanilla essence.


Peel 4-5 pears, slice lengthways and arrange around the bottom of the flan dish.  Pour over the caramel.  Spoon over the cake mix. (Note that the caramel mix will leak over the sponge, that’s fine)!

Bake for 45 minutes, covered.

Enjoy, love Laura x



The cook I’m loving at the moment is Chelsea Winter.

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