House Tour: Small Space

Having a small space doesn’t mean you can’t create the illusion of space.  I can’t stress enough how much I feel that making a room flow is the ultimate challenge of any living space.

So what do I mean by flow?

The flow of any interior is instinctive.  The space either has it or not.  I’m sure you will have walked into a house and felt that it was airy, spacious and you walked around the area without having to avoid furniture, it just ‘flowed’.  Where as those interiors where the bathroom was where the dining room should be and it just felt, well, awkward.

A flowing house is when your house guides you to specific areas – bedroom in one area of the house away from loud noise with a bathroom just around the corner.  Flow is about the dining area being close to the kitchen and not miles away so you can get food to table quickly and efficiently.  It’s a seamless feel.

Even though this tiny apartment is smaller than small, it has serious flow.  The monochrome hues are broken up with greenery and this space has obvious areas from dining to sleeping.

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(Images | Alvhem)

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