Dulux Light + Space

How do you choose Paint?

You’d think choosing a paint would be an easy decision to make.  Take white for example, surely this would be a simple uncomplicated choice.  No siree.  Do you know how many shades of white there are out there? 

Before I moved into my Doctors Surgery, I knew I wanted to create a mininalist monochrome style throughout.  Colour coming from art and objects not walls.

The kitchen in the old waiting room is now usable (not finished but I can now cook in a proper oven), so I’m pushing forward with the painting and have just finished a second coat this weekend. 

This room is north facing.  It will get great sun peak summer time however during the winter when the sun is low in the sky and sunshine hours are reduced,  I knew I needed to give the walls a lift.  I was looking for a paint type that could add light and lift the wintertime gloom when needed.

While scrowering Dulux’s website I came across their Light + Space Matt.  Reading down the product information this paint is made with a patented LumiTec Formulation that works with light-reflective particles reflecting twice as much light back into the room.  Therefore making a room feel light and more spacious, compared to their standard conventional emulsions.

So like any good internet spy, I searched reviews on this product to verify Dulux’s revolutionary paint.  The reviews were great and after reading this one I popped around 15 litres into my shopping cart.

“The area I painted is SHOUTING out, it’s so bright. Blimey”.

With my personal palette of black and white it wasn’t hard to choose ‘Absolute White’.  So far I’m very pleased with the results.

(Photography | Laura Thomas)

There are 27 colours available within the Dulux Light and Space palette.  The collection also offers environmental advantages with its ability to save lighting energy by 22 per cent.  Find out more here Dulux.

This is not a sponsored post.  Laura reccommends Dulux and endorses the Light + Space products. 

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