Australian Beach House Tour.

Oh we are hard done by us Brits.  The long winter does drag on, so when I came across this Australian new build by Aushaus Architecture + Interiors, located on the coast outside of Geelong, south of Melbourne, I had to post for some light, cheerful weekend perusing.

Intrigued by the patina (the pinkish film on the surface of the metal that has been aged through an oxidation process) on the exterior walls, the matched timber and my obsession with indoor, outdoor flow, this house has it all.  It’s beautiful in a very industrial and unconventional beach house way.

The aged rust look is currently trending.  Seen a lot in Australian architecture of late, it seems to soften a building against it’s background.  In the land of kanagroos, gum trees and brightly coloured red soil, rusting facades seem to soften the building towards nature and in my opinion it really does work so well.

(Images | Auhaus Architecure + Interiors)

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