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(image Helen Pugh Photography for Laura Thomas Linens)

The summer holiday’s are over and O & L went back to school, very excitedly, this morning.  Taking a deep breath for the first time in six and a half weeks, has felt great.  My head feels clear and focused for what is going to be a busy few months ahead.

Juggling full time work during the summer has been a tad frazzling.  My so called work, life balance totally went out the window and I’ve seen the wrong side of midnight a few times recently trying to catch up on work.

The blog will now be back in full swing and I’ll be posting more regularly.  Firstly though find out what’s been happening..


🙂 Today started with a long walk into the forest with my lopers to find a couple of sturdy branches.  With a four day trade fair coming up in a couple of weeks I’m working on what I’m calling my ‘set’.  The branches are to make the rungs of a ladder.

I found my inspiration from a cool Seattle coffee and clothes house (see below).  I love how they have the ladder displaying images and I’m going to do the same with photos of my collections to give clients good visuals of my bedding.

🙂 Voting has now opened and I would be so, so grateful if you could vote for LTID in the Amara Interior Blog Awards (#IBA15).  LTID is in the ‘Best Luxury Blog’ Category and I would appreciate you voting for me very, very much!

Last year being in the last 5 for this category has opened so many doors for me with clients and PR Companies.  Running a blog takes dedication and time.  I’ve run this blog now for just over 3 years (which I can’t quite believe).  Writing and researching all things interiors as a total passion.  LTID is my baby and I am so grateful for the recognision of my commitment to it!

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🙂  I’m currently working on my Spring Summer 2016 collection for Laura Thomas Linens.  My brand will be expanding sideways next year to incorporate more everyday lifestyle products that involve linens and cotton.  I can’t say anymore but watch this space. 

🙂 My Autumn Winter 2015 Collection will be released shortly.  Aromatherapy Scent Diffusers, Tea Towels, Table Linens and the popluar Laura Thomas Christmas Candles.  I only make a certain number of them and they had totally sold out by the beginning of December last year.  Although I’m doubling my numbers, be sure to get yourself one as soon as they come out (end of October).

🙂 Lastly I got introduced to someone over the summer as a ‘person who has had a very colourful life so far indeed’.  Giggling sheepishly I agreed and I suppose if you knew me you’d know why…

Sourcing at the Moment.  What and Why.


(image curated by Laura Thomas)


1. Fiddle Fig Tree

Sourcing.  One 6ft Fiddle Fig Tree.  Why, my next trade fair stand is going to be minimalist and white, so I needed another colour chucked into the mix and knew green was it!

2. Ceramic Milk Bottles

Found.  They are for my new scent diffuser range launching soon.  White ceramic milk bottles with black sticks, I’m so excited!

3. Dip Dye

Sourcing.  I was never a tie dye kid nor teen but I’m loving this style at the moment.  Currently trending in Scandinavian and found on cushion covers on top of beds and sofas.

4. Black Taps

Found.  An image recently of a bathroom renovation in Australia got me very excited (see below).  With my reno kicking off soon, putting the shower room in is the first stop.  So yip, you’ve probably guessed it – it’ll be all white with black!

5. Italian Espresso Pot

Sourcing.  It’s funny what we argue about.  This morning my girls were arguing about socks.  My last aguement was about a coffee pot.  A coffee pot that, unknown at the time, was broken!  #sillyadults #sorry

(Image via cushandnooks.blogspot.com)

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Massive thanks again, Laura x

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