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No amount of green smoothies, raw oats and seeds could save me this week.  Struck with an awful virus I found myself heading back to bed on Thursday morning with simply no energy to sit in my office and work at all.

Always on the look out for healthy alternatives I came across an amazing article by a cancer survivor about Vitamin C (have a look here).  Until now I hadn’t really understood that our bodies don’t produce Vitamin C we can only gain it from food.  Nightly I make a hot drink of fresh lemon juice, honey, grated fresh ginger and cider vinegar and had always just presumed I was keeping on top of my vitamin C levels by doing so.

So I stocked up on a large bottle at the chemist and in the last 24 hours have absorbed a whopping 19 grams without any negative symptoms (read the article to find out what they are) and I can honestly say I’m springing back quickly.  After reading the article and seeing for myself the benefits of Vit C, it’s now a jar I’m constantly going to have in my healthy drawer!

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Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are slowly but surely moving into Spring.  The days are stretching and the warmth is returning on our faces and I can start to hear the birds chirping loudly again in the mornings which always makes me smile.

So I thought to put Spring firmly into people’s bedroom (or Autumn, if South) by offering a flash 3 day sale on all my organic bed sheets.  A sort of spring clean for the bedroom, so to speak.  You know the feeling when you think, ‘yip one day I’m gonna buy myself some decent sheets’.. well now here’s your chance..

I have fallen in love with organic cotton.  I’m being genuine and not bias when I say I simply adored snuggling into my organic sheets, duvet and pillowcases.  There are some incredible benefits to buying organic bedding beside the comfort;

1- Firstly organic cotton is stronger than conventional cotton.  It hasn’t had numerous treatments and harsh dyes.  Therefore it last longer.  As a true Scot, I’m all for that!

2- There are no nasty chemicals used in producing the cotton therefore skin conditions are not likely to be caused by organic cotton.

3- It’s hypoallergenic.  As a natural fibre it is very unlike to cause allergies.

4- Say NO to Cancer.  By buying organic bedding you are keeping harmful toxins and substances away from your body for at least 7-8 hours a day.

5- Have a better and healthier sleep.  Natural fibres have been proven to aid better sleep.  Organic cotton softens with age and is highly breathable.  It drawn moisture away from your body keeping your body temperature regulated and allowing for less night time wake awakening.

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