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I’ve lived enough of life to know what I want and what I don’t want.  Over the last 5 years there has been a massive shift in my life.  Some would describe this as a ‘journey’ others would say I’m in a more ‘concious state of being’. 

In between the births of my two daughters I decided I wanted to lead a healthy and happier lifestyle. 
At the time, I was a busy cafe owner (before interiors I bought and sold 4 cafes).  Already a foodie there was nothing more I loved than rustling up salads pack full of fresh greens and seeds, artistic sandwiches with carrot and cress spilling out of them, all to be served with pressed organic juices, fruit smoothies and roasted coffee.

Behind the mask of my fresh and foodie businesses the reality was quite different.   With working days starting at 7am, I was drinking 3-5 coffees a day, devouring cheese toasties on white bread when (and if) there was a spare 5 minutes in the busy cafe kitchens and eating sugary cakes or slices when I needed a pick me up.  That was during the day.  At night a bottle of wine and at least half a packed of Marlboro Lights were smoked before falling into bed at near exhaustion.

I think when you have a conscious shift in your life towards something entirely different the change takes place gradually over time.  Little by little in small ity bity bites we can tweak our habits.  If a train were chugging along at 100 miles an hour and we wanted it to change direction, it was be impossible to change that instantaneously.  Life is the same.

Living a healthy, happy life is a choice.  Slowly over the years my diet has changed from ravage carnivore to vegetable over loader, where I will happily cook vegetarian and vegan foods over red meats and dairy. My lifestyle has change too.  Kicking the smokes and saving a lovely glass of wine for social occasions I enjoy my less consumptive habits.  As well as exercise now being a daily habit I have well and truly integrated the following into my days.  I’m happier and healthier and this journey is a positive and happy one.

(Image / Laura Thomas)

Yoga.  I have taken up yoga aiming to do a 20 minute yoga session 3 to 4 times a week either in my office or on the beach at some point during my working day via Yoga  It’s amazing how stretching a few times a week can energise and revitalise so much. 

Walking.  Gentle and natural on the body, walking is a wonderful form of exercise.  I love nothing more than pulling on my bright trainers and heading off on a march around the coastline.  Walking can also be a form of mindfulness mediation by paying attention to the sounds, smells and the goings on with the surroundings.

Green smoothies.  Juicing is massive at the moment however I a dedicated fan of smoothies.  Banana based I chuck anything from the fridge in with it.  When I say green this is not from copious amounts of green leaves in my drink but I add spirulina and wheatgrass powder in with the fruit.  Spirulina is one of the highest forms of natural protein and I used to have it by the gallon while pregnant.  It’s great for energy and our bodies need protein help maintain and build cells.  Wheatgrass is something fell in love with (and still do) after my children were born as it is a great energy giver.

Hot Baths.  Sleep is important.  I know I don’t get enough and this month (February) I’m trying to get into bed earlier and rise earlier (I say this and I’m typing away at 8.30pm..)  8 hours is what to aim for folks.  With the help of hot baths and aromatherapy oils to aid unwinding I love Beatitude oils.  A few drops of oil, a long soak with eyes closed and a good few deep breaths, will set you up for a good night’s sleep..

Scented Candles.  Truly addicted to scented soy candles I taught myself two and half years ago how to make my own.  Now supplying clients and a top-end Spa with hand crafted soy candles made with essential oils, I can’t stress enough how the scent of a room can reflect a mood and create an atmosphere.  I burn candles all day long while working in my office.  My current favourite being my Lime & Basil.

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