Amara Interior Blog Awards #IBA14 I’ve been nominated!

I could not believe it on Sunday night when my twitter account sent me some emails to say people had been voting for my blog in the Amara Interior Blog Awards!  It really was an exciting moment as I had no idea.  I’m still investigating who it was that has put me forward for this!

This blog has been nominated for the ‘Best Luxury Blog’ award.  There are 8 other blogs in my category and only 5 can go forward to be finalists so I’d very, very much appreciate your support by voting for me.

I’d be so grateful if you could click on the image below and vote!  It only takes a few seconds and I can’t stress enough how amazing this would be for me if I got into the final stages!

Thank you, thank you…. and if you have enjoyed my blog please share.  Again thanks, Laura x

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