Eye Candy Beds and Headboards

As Autumn creeps into the Northern Hemisphere, I can’t help but thoroughly enjoy snuggling into my bed at night.  Tiredness and the cool evenings mean getting under some beautiful freshly laundered linen creates instant thoughts of ‘oh I love my bed’.  Often I feel like laughing as I’m so happy to be snuggling up to rest.  I’m sleeping in my Organic Bedding range at the moment.  One of the perks of having a bedding company means my bedding is always my own and contains the full works in terms of pillow sizing.  A friend once said of my bed, it was where pillows went to heaven.  My company philosophy is deep comfort and I have to admit it’s a good life rule to stick to as well.

(Jess Burges of Exposure Photographics for Laura Thomas Linens)

Your bed is the main focal point in any bedroom and bedding aside, selecting a bed and headboard is a very personal choice.

Current day headboards are purely aesthetic and keep pillows from falling off the bed.  Olden day headboards come from the need of warmth.  Historically, they served to isolate sleepers from drafts and cold in less insulated buildings, hence the use of wood, which is less conductive than stone or brick. Constructed to create space from the wall they allowed colder air to sink to the floor rather than onto the bed.

Below are my pick for the most common style beds around at the moment.  If you asked me what my favourite design is, it would be image 1.  Simple minimalism, I’m all for that..

1.  The elegant spring bedstead with padded headboard.

2. The reclaimed wooden platform bed.  The headboard is simple and has rustic cool written all over it.

3.  Metal frame classic bedstead.  A modern take on the nostalgic feel of a Victorian bed.

4. The dreamy white four poster bed.  Life is one long holiday is you choose to look at it like that and this bed oozes that philosophy.

5.  Open sleigh bed.  Classic and subtle.

6.  Finally padded headboards are stylish adding to the image of deep comfort and relaxation.

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