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What would you do for a good nights sleep?

Forking out enormous sums for a bed is a relatively recent phenomenon.  Marilyn Monroe, Sir Winston Churchill, Elton John, Oprah Winfrey and Daniel Radcliffe have all done it, that is, buy a bed that costs as much as a Porsche.  Is it really worth it?  Well, according to Emma Thompson spending £55,000 ($110,000 New Zealand) cured her insomnia.

Bespoke Bedmaker

In 1994, the Savoy Hotel in London, famed for luxury, being the first hotel in Europe to have a lift and having electricity in every room put its 100 year old bed-making workshop up for sale.  Ex-management consultant Alistair Hughes jumped at the chance to run his own business steeped rich in history.

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Savoir Beds produced their first bed in 1905.  Since then the company has created a collection of handmade mattresses, headboards, bases and frames and has gathered a loyal following around the world.

Hughes believes we spend a third of our lives sleeping “so it made sense to me that someone would spend as much on a bed as on a car”.  Initially not many shared his enthusiasm, even luxury retailer Harrods told him that the beds were too expensive.

With time, marketing and much word of mouth the Savoir bed brand has grown and now employs a staff of 120, 80 of which work directly in the craft of producing the beds.  With showrooms popping up around the world (next being in Taiwan) the growth of such a company proves there really is a market for bespoke, hand-made, authentically English, luxury beds.                                                                                      (image via


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