Tour: 1920’s New Zealand Villa

Renovating can be either a small scale DIY affair or a timely large scale structural drama.

When my husband and I took on the project of modernising an old 1920’s rural New Zealand villa, Kevin McCloud’s Grand Designs wasn’t our aim.  The mission was a freshen up and re-sell.  Seven months it took for us to white wash the interior, strip back and repaint all the old windows (most of which had not been maintained for many years) and tidy up the garden by way of small scale planting.  Structurally the villa was sound.  There was no rot, it had been re-piled (a structure strengthened or supported with piles) and rewired in the 1970’s.

Below is a small tour of the villa.  Next month we move onto our next project.  A 1970’s house in much need of some white paint!

 Over 30 lavender plants were planted around the house and garden.  Picture taken in the Winter, June 2012 after planting.

 Photography / Laura Thomas

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  1. Jen Noel says:

    Laura, it's gorgeous! I don't check in with FB too often, but I had to follow the link when I saw the photo of your house. Incredible! You've done such a lovely job. So simple, bright, clean and crisp. Xx

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