Christmas Ideas

Christmas is such a fun time of year.
It’s a time to truly indulge. To eat, drink, buy, give, make, travel
and visit. A time to slip away from normal day to day life.
Following a theme of a “do-it-yourself”
Christmas I have come up with few ideas and suggestions to make your
festive season fun, inexpensive and relaxed.
Christmas craft with the children is
fun way to get into the spirit of Christmas and count down to the big
day. With the magic of Santa looming my children had fun making
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer tree decorations. I used old jig-saw
puzzle pieces, cut antlers out of a black paper bag and bought other
craft items. All stuck on using a hot glue gun and glue stick.

Reindeer Tree Decorations
Christmas gifts can be fun to make.
Homemade treats are so pleasurable to receive. Personally, I
appreciate the work and thought that has gone into them. Jams,
preserves and chutneys can be beautifully presented wrapped in ribbon
with homemade labels.

Homemade muesli
Try making these cute strawberry
Santa’s (sorry northern hemisphere readers, I know strawberries may
not be available at this time of year). They are quick to make and
enjoyed by all from children to adults. Enjoy with a glass of bubbles they are simply delicious! I used silver cachous balls for the eyes but
anything would look good such as chocolate chips or even sesame
Strawberry Santas
(Photography / Laura Thomas)

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