Not So Secret Sleep Tips

We’ve all heard it before.. Have a sleep schedule, don’t eat sugar before bed, but what really are the best sleep tips for getting night on night solid sleep?

Here are our not so secret sleep tips to make sure you get a sound night’s sleep.  They are a reminder of what we should do to keep our energy up.  Also to do what’s needed of us during the day and to keep our mental health balanced.


Not So Secret Sleep Tips


  • Change your clothing. To transition into the evening take your day clothes off and put on some comfortable loose clothing.  Making this transition will automatically give you a more relaxed feel to your evening before actually getting into bed.


  • Make a hot caffeine free drink.  Our preference is a mug of hot water with the juice of a fresh lemon, a tablespoon of honey and some grated ginger.


  • Dimming lights and lighting candles.  Slow your home vibe by having down lighting on (lamps) and turning off overhead lights.  Candles add an incredible atmosphere and often transport us to our primitive cave man times when after dark light was limited.  Lavender candles add scent into your space and further increase the relaxing atmosphere.  Get a Lavender Candle here.


  • Disconnect from your phone.  I know this is easy to say but don’t be tempted to be scrolling just before sleep.  The light from the screen is not good for our brains later on into the evening.  Put it away at least one hour if not earlier before you got to sleep.


  • Run a hot bath and put something in your bath to assist relaxation.  Bath Salts, Bath Oil or Relaxing Bubble Bath are great additions to your bath.


  • Reading a book in bed.  Simply reading until your eyes can no longer open is a sure way to ensure you unwind your brain and relax your body.


  • Spray a Pillow Mist over yourself and your pillow before turning out your light.  Try a Lavender scented Pillow Mist to help you sleep.  Lavender is an incredible oil that has science to back it up.  Linalool, an alcohol found in Lavender oil, interacts with the neurotransmitter known as, GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid).  GABA quietens the brain and nervous system, which makes the whole body feel more relaxed. Isn’t that truly fascinating?


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