Plastic Free July 📆

Throughout this month, LT Co. will be celebrating Plastic Free July. This is a global movement that helps to educate and involve millions in being part of the plastic pollution solution. So, what is Plastic Free July and how can you get involved?

Plastic Free July was started in 2011 in Western Australia. Since then, the campaign has snowballed and is now a registered independent charity which focusses on raising awareness about plastic pollution. Over the years, 326 million people across the world have taken part in the month long event. This has reduced their plastic consumption by 21kg per person per household.

It’s no secret that LT Co. is passionate about the environment so how can we all get involved this year?

Let’s start with the basics. Food! Start thinking about plastic packaging when picking up your fruits and veggies. Can you buy them loose? For your oils, spices and grains, does your local shop have refill stations? Maybe throughout this month, you can shop at your local zero waste supermarket. They have become so popular in the UK over the last couple of years and make plastic free shopping more accessible.

Use plastic-free solutions wherever you can. If you don’t already have a reusable shopping bag and coffee cup, now is the time to invest. Something as small as as a reusable shopping bag makes the world of difference to our battle against plastic pollution! We’re always on the hunt for new solutions to everyday activities so let us know what your favourite ones are!

And of course, it wouldn’t be Plastic Free July without stocking up on refills for your home fragrance and toiletries from LT Co. Our refill pouches will keep your toiletries topped up without adding to the plastic problem.

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