The Pure Range ✨

Back at the beginning of June, we launched our pure range candles. This range is actually one of the OG’s for LT Co. but we’ve brought them back with a revamp! With five scents available, the pure range matches our scent diffusers meaning you can have a signature scent for your house all year round! The combination of a scent diffuser and matching candle also makes for a lovely gift at any time of the year!

The Pure Range Scents

We’ve brought out not one, but five scents for this range of candles! All made with only essential oils and 100% pure soy wax, you can pick from the following:

⭐️  Lemon + Peppermint

⭐️   Sandalwood + Mandarin

⭐️   Lavender

⭐️   Flowers

⭐️   Lime + Basil

By using essential oils, we’ve created a ‘clean’ candle that won’t give off any chemical nasties in your home! Soy wax can also be washed down the sink when you’ve finished with your candle which means the jar is completely reusable!

The Jars

We’ve printed the words Pure, Love and Smile on our jars. Hopefully, when you light your candle, you’ll read the word and seeing it will improve your day! We’re all about positive affirmations! Our production team will randomly select a jar for you when packing your order so no need to pick a word! We’d love to see people collecting all three words and adding some LT Co. positive vibes to their home.

Look at how our pure range candles used to look! LT Co. has developed massively as a brand since these jars were sold and we’re so excited about how they look now! What a glow up!

Creating clean candles and being kind to the environment is super important to the team at LT Co. What other environmentally friendly businesses do you shop with? We love O.M.Tea and Bare Bones chocolate!

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