Refill Not Landfill ♻️

It’s no secret that LT Co. has sustainability at it’s core. We want our products to be just as good for the planet as they are for our customers. We’ve tried to make sustainability more accessible by creating a refill pouch for most of our products. Where we can’t provide a refill, we give tips on how to reuse your LT Co. product or packaging. So why should you opt for refills instead of just repeat buying?

Single Use Plastic vs A Refill

Our relationship with single-use plastic is long overdue a review. The mentality of the global population has led to 300 million tonnes of single use plastic being made every year. In the UK, we rack up just over 2.5 billion coffee cups in a year. If you lined all of these up, they could go round the planet five and a half times. And that’s just the statistic for coffee cups – mad! By opting to use a refill instead of buying a new bottle, you’re helping to reduce the impact on the planet as well as your bank account. Win win!

Our refills come in a 500ml pouch which is the perfect size for refilling your bottle or you can get a few refills into your minis! For every refill purchased, we save a bottle!


By creating refill pouches for LT Co., we hope that our customers will begin to think about refilling in other parts of their lives. If you’ve already covered your toiletries, you could look at kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaners, laundry tablets… the list is endless! And for your wardrobe, you could step away from the high street and check out charity shops, vintage clothing shops or more sustainable clothing brands.

If you’d like to bring refill pouches into more parts of your life why not look into some apps! Everything from eco-friendly search engines to limiting food waste is covered!

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