Scent Diffusers + Why We Love Them 👏🏼

It’s no secret that we’re obsessed with all things scent related. Whether it’s scent diffusers, candles, essential oils or our first coffee in the morning, we are mad about scents! During the summer months, people tend to accessorise their homes with scent diffusers instead of candles and there are so many benefits!

Practical + Minimalist

Scent diffusers are super practical! You just pop the reeds into the oil and the essential oil fragrance will begin to spread throughout the room. We recommend turning your diffuser reeds every couple of days. This will help to keep the scent fresh!

We have designed our reed diffusers to be minimalist so that they can blend into any home. They look great on a side table, on a window sill or on a shelf! Due to their design, you’ll be able to work it into any part of your home!


Scent, Scent, Scent

We have a range of five scent diffusers for you to choose from. Each scent has been carefully blended, tried and altered so that it’s perfect! We recommend having our Lemon + Peppermint scent in the bathroom, Flowers in the living room and Lime + Basil in your bedroom. Your home will always be smelling fresh and ready for any visitors!

Scent that Stays

There is nothing worse than buying a candle, diffuser or perfume that loses it’s scent after a short period of time. We only use essential oils for our products so the scent will stay strong until the product runs out. An LT Co. scent diffuser usually lasts around 12 weeks and after that you can refill it or reuse your bottle for something else. You can also purchase a candle with the same scent for the winter months!

Family Friendly

For our LT Co. customers with young families, a scent diffuser might be better suited for safety reasons! We recommend that scent diffusers are kept out of reach of children but you don’t need to worry about any open flames!

The Best Gifts!

Similar to candles, who doesn’t like getting a scent diffuser as a present? Treat your friend (or yourself) to an LT Co. scent diffuser and then purchase refills for your favourite scent when you run low!

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