Laura Thomas Co. Donation to Groundswell Surf Therapy

Feature Image | Laura and Daughter in the surf, Biarritz, France


Firstly, in December 2020, for every Wave candle we sold, a donation of £5 was made. Secondly, this donation was made to the incredible Groundswell Community Project. Today, Laura sent a donation of £100 to this amazing charity!


Our wave candle, that helped us donate to Groundswell.


What do Groundswell do?

“Groundswell offers a variety of surf therapy programs for intersectional communities of women. These are women overcoming from various forms of trauma and its effects. With our home roots in San Diego, California, and branches that extend across the globe. We are a transformational community of surf-sisters who provide intersectional, brave, and safe spaces for all women. Helping them to find their unique healing, community, and power in the waves of Mother Ocean.” –

What is Surf Therapy?

“Groundswell’s surf therapy curriculum is grounded in positive psychology, somatic and arts-based therapy modalities, and mindfulness practices.

Groundswell’s participants are all are proud members of the International Surf Therapy Org, supporting the advancement of surf therapy research and best practices. Surf Therapy sessions are unique in that they are facilitated and supervised by licensed trauma-informed therapists. As well as surf coaches that hold intentional, safe, and brave space to invite your body, mind, and heart to join you in the healing process and adventure of surfing. Our hope is that every surf-sister who opts into our programs creates their own sustainable surf practice held and supported by a community of surf-sisters. Be open and ready to see what waves of wisdom she has in store for you! Surf therapy is for all experiences of surfers.” –


photo from Groundswell website 

LTCO is teaming up with Groundswell Scotland in 2021 to help fund surf therapy.  More details to follow… love Laura ♡☮︎

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