Laura Thomas Creates Unique Scents for Restoration Yard

LTCO is proud to see the launch of Restoration Yard’s new beauty and wellness collection, Laura Thomas Co created the range especially for The Restoration Yard at Dalkeith Country Park during the national lockdown taking 10 months to start to final production.

This beautiful collection of new scents in candles, diffusers, bath oils, washes, and lotions is very special. The fragrances have been inspired by artwork and interiors from the Buccleuch Collection at sister estates. Each scent has been perfectly blended from pure organic essential oils and crafted by hand into luxurious natural candles, diffusers, lotions, bath oils.


The Restoration Yard

Restoration Yard is a unique destination, located at the heart of the stunning 1,000 acres Dalkeith Country Park near Edinburgh. In 2014, it underwent an £8.9million restoration project of its beautiful 18th-century stables and courtyard.  Creating The Restoration Yard with a  Store, Coffee Bar, Restaurant, Wellbeing Lab, and Events space.

LTCO was chosen to work very closely with Lord Damian, of the Buccleuch family and Sisi Gibreel, Head of Retail to create a truly meaningful and unique sequence of scents inspired by the beautiful artwork and porcelain from the Buccleuch Family collection.



Head of Retail, Sisi Commented

Sisi Gibreel commented on the process “Our new 100% natural Restoration Yard Beauty & Wellbeing Collection was created alongside Laura Thomas Co. With Laura’s expertise we were able to create this beautiful collection of scents with sustainability at its heart. Lord Damian, from the Buccleuch family, and I went through various scent options.  Using our customer’s preference to date from our soap sales and also took into consideration what we felt was a good Restoration Yard brand fit. We decided to go for two fresh scents (Wild Lemon and Sicilian Sunshine).  Two woodland/pine inspired scents, we wanted to pay homage to our stunning old woods (Athenaeum and Caledonian Pine). And two floral scents (Rose Garden and Gardenia). I love them all but my favorites are the Caledonian Pine and Gardenia.”

This was a wonderful collaboration and partnering of two local Scottish brands. LTCO is immensely proud and honored to be the creator and crafter of the RY’s wellness and beauty range. Read more at New Restoration Yard Beauty & Wellness Collection




Laura’s Interview with The Restoration Yard’s PR Team

How did you work up the scents and the range for Restoration Yard?

We worked on a brief that was discussed with Sisi and Damien with scents they personally liked and what matched the feeling, vibe, and essence of the Restoration Yard, and in particular what Dalkeith Country Park represented.  The Caledonia Pine is a scent that is a perfect example of this.  It has notes of pine and woodland which are fresh and uplifting.


How did you find the creative process? What does it mean to work with a store like Restoration Yard?

To connect with The Restoration Yard and create a bespoke scent for this incredible place and brand was a true honor.  At the heart of what we do is focus on nature to inspire us and we use natural essential oils and natural ingredients to scent and create real products rather than synthetic ones. This is healthy for us to use and good for the environment and our planet.  To create a range for the Restoration yard that is 100% natural and reflective of the Park was fun and thought-provoking.


Could you describe the personality of each of the scents?

Each scent has its own personality however we went with three themes behind the 6 scents.  Firstly ‘fresh’ was a theme that involved using scents that were uplifting in energising to create Sicilian Sunshine and Wild Lemon.  The second theme was ‘floral’ as we have so many flowers in nature that give such a wonderful scent.  Rose was an inspiring scent used in the Rose Garden and Gardenia.  And lastly ‘wood’ was the theme behind Caledonia Pine and Athenaeum and reflects the natural surrounding of the Restoration Yard.


What are your key values as Laura Thomas is and how that translates to your collaboration?

At Laura Thomas Co we believe in a great product, at a great price, with great service and our core values reflect this.  Our values matched our personal experience of the Restoration Yard as clients ourselves.  One of our core values that were heavily reflected in the range and collaboration was “Nature First”.  Creating a Range that was 100% natural with no synthetic chemicals, working in harmony with nature to create products that are kind on the planet and good for your health.



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