Natural Christmas 2020 Launched! See before (2014) and after (2020) LT Christmas Products.

“It wasn’t long after I started making natural candles while living in New Zealand that I decided I wanted to make a natural Christmas candle.  It was in the run-up to Christmas 2013.  I was determined to make a candle that reminded me of Christmases back home in Scotland where it is traditionally cold”.

The First LT Christmas Candle

During the festive period in the Northern Hemisphere scents dominate the time of year, when it is cold and dark and the need to be uplifted, warmed, and revived is needed.

I looked at the scents I personally loved at Christmas.  The ones I remembered as a child, the ones that screamed happiness, warmth, and fun.

From my learning of scent blending, I needed to combine the different groups of scents to form one amazing smell.  I knew I needed a wood scent, a citrus scent, and a spice or two.  After much trial and error with blending different scent combinations, the winner was clear: Cedarwood, Orange, Cinnamon, and Clove.

You can see the branding has changed a lot since this first candle was made back in New Zealand, however, the scent and formula have stayed exactly the same for all these years.

Photo | Laura Thomas 2013



My natural Christmas products have now got a following with people who have bought them year in and year out since 2013.  If you buy it one Christmas season, you’ll need it the next year to evoke the festive and enlivened feeling it gave you the previous season.

Described by The Times as “one of the best natural candles in the UK” and loved by so many years on year, my natural Christmas candle will fill your space with festive fun and a warming vibe”  Laura,15th October 2020.


Christmas Scent Diffuser

Following on from the Christmas Candle was a natural Christmas Scent Diffuser.  Look at the first-ever diffuser in 2014:

Photo | Laura Thomas  2014



Matching the Christmas candle the Diffuser was the non-lightable scent version.  Again it has the same scent combination of Cedarwood, Orange, Cinnamon, and Clove.


Christmas 2020 at Laura Thomas Co

This year the Team and I decided to keep Christmas really simple.

After such a chaotic year, we felt there is a need for self-care as we venture into 2021.  We all aim to move away from the lockdowns, uncertainty, and the turbulence that life has thrown at each and every one of us in 2020.

Our aim was to make three very different products with our one Christmas Scent that were a perfect festive treat.  Christmas treats for you and your home.

As well as our ‘famous’ Christmas Candle and the return of our much loved Christmas Scent Diffuser we have released a Christmas Spritz Mist for you to quite literally spritz your home to get an instant Christmas feeling.

Also this year our Christmas packaging and product labels are made from 100% recycled coffee cups.

In the UK alone millions of takeaway paper cups are consigned to landfill every year and the major issue in environmental terms is that the polyethylene plastic cup liner is non biodegradable.

Waste coffee and tea paper cups are collected from a variety of retailers such as Costa Coffee, McDonalds, Starbucks and other vendor sources and sent to a “CupCycling” extraction plant at the paper mill in Cumbria.

The plastic liner is extracted and goes on to make other recycled plastic products and the precious paper fibres are then mixed with sustainably sourced FSC Certified virgin fibre to create a beautiful range of papers and boards in 10 colours called Extract…

This pioneering development in paper technology has created something beautiful out of used takeaway cups which would otherwise lie dormant in landfill sites around the UK.

In 2017 at the time of launch of this innovative paper, 1 in 400 cups were recycled and now it’s 1 in 25!

Every sheet of our 380gsm Christmas Packaging contains the waste from 5 takeaway cups, if we were to use 1000 sheets of the board weight that’s 5,000 cups less going to landfill.

I’m sure you’ll agree that this is truly incredible!














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Love Laura xox



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