LTCo Supplies Hotel Group Wildland which has a 200 Year Conservation Vision for the Scottish Highlands


Back in June 2020, LTCO created a Hand Sanitiser for conservation Hotel Group Wildland.

Hotel Group Wildland is based across the Scottish Highlands.  It consists of Lundies House, an art hotel on the coast of Sutherland.  Killiehuntly Farmhouse, a retreat in the Cairngorm National Park.  Glenfeshie Lodge, Kinloch Lodge an artistic family home and Aldourie Castle on Loch Ness, which can be rented as a whole castle.

Both Wildland & Laura Thomas Co’s ethos on nature and the preservation of lands, coasts, and oceans correlates with each other.  Wildland they believe in giving nature a chance to fight back through restoration and preservation.  Laura Thomas Co we believe in eliminating chemicals and reducing waste going back into nature and our ecosystems.

At Wildland we believe in nature’s own capacity to restore itself and appreciate that this is a project extending far beyond our own lifetimes”.

“The regeneration of this wilderness will demand timescales more likely to be enjoyed in our children’s lifetime than in ours.  We know that we can help create the conditions necessary to allow natural processes to gain a foothold”. Wildland.

It was an honour to make such an ethical company a bespoke Hand Sanitiser.  Made with natural ingredients and scented with sweet birch essential oil.  Created for use post-COVID 19 ensuring guests and staff alike visiting were safe and working in harmony with nature.

LTCO recently featured on their Notebook;






The next collaboration with the Wildland Group is an all-natural Toiletries range to be released in all of their accommodations this Autumn.  This range’s aim is to be made with 100% natural ingredients working with their focus on preserving the Scottish Highlands and a range that is fully refillable eliminating the use of plastic-packaged toiletries.

Watch this space!

Laura x

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