We built a school! Cambodia 16.01.2020

12 people. £45K raised. This was the day we officially opened the school in remote northern Cambodia two weeks ago.

I got involved to inspire my girls to consume less and give more. To allow them to see the world from a different angle.

A MASSIVE thanks to everyone who bought a Coconut, Lemon and Lime candle from LTCo where 100% of the profits went towards our goal of £3,500 and also to anyone who donated via the checkout at LTCo or who donated towards Olivia and Lilly’s sponsored walk up Ben Nevis last September (they had never climbed a Munro before).

An even bigger thanks to my lovely neighbour Alisoun Mackenzie who headed up our group of 12 and to Classroom Of Hope who found an area that needed a school and coordinated the build with a charity on the ground in Cambodia Child’s Dream

What an experience! Laura x

2 thoughts on “We built a school! Cambodia 16.01.2020

  1. Dorothy Compañy says:

    This brought back some lovely memories for me as I cycled from Vietnam to Cambodia in 2012 to raise money to build a kitchen for an orphanage run by Hope Asia in Cambodia. The children were amazing and the whole experience was humbling. Something I will never forget and I am sure you won’t either

    • Laura Thomas says:

      Thanks Dorothy for your comment. It really was a trip of a lifetime and I know my daughters will have a lasting memory of this and it will shape they way they look at there own schools here in Scotland. Love Laura x

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