Introducing LT Co. Rugs

LT Co. Rugs

Introducing our 100% wool and 100% handmade rugs to the LT Co. homewares range!

These are handmade by women in the Azilal area of the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Read on for more info and images..

Why Azilal Rugs are so Special?

Azilal Rugs from the Azilal Province are rare and were almost unknown to the market until the late 1990’s. Their wool tends to be finer, producing a lustrous, almost cloth-like covering. They feature simplistic geometric shapes and patterns with dashes of vibrant colours always on a cream background.

Azilal rugs have become a popular, more colourful, alternative to the minimalist and monochrome Beni Ouarain rugs. Similarly, they are increasingly hard to find and are amongst the most highly sought after Berber tribal rugs.

So how did Laura source these Azalil Rugs?

While on a surfing trip to Morocco in 2018, Laura found some traders in the far south-west of Morocco who supply rare tribal rugs that she had never seen before.  Two lads had set up a small business selling rugs that relatives had made in the Azilal area of the Atlas Mountains.  Laura bought some rugs and shipped them home for her own house and was so impressed by their colour and durability she knew this was a must have product for LT Co.  Fast forward two years and Laura has finalised designed for LT Co, which are 100% unique and one-offs!

Please feel free to pop into our North Berwick (EH39 5PX) workshop to see the rugs we are stocking.

Jardin Majorelle in Marakesh was a total colour inspo overload.

The LT Minis on a surf beach on the West Coast of Morocco wrapped in an LT Poncho and Timeless Towel.

Brilliant surf on the west coast of Morocco!

Beautiful Moroccan Interiors – the whole trip was seriously inspiring on all levels!

Laura and Justin in Marrakesh


Azilal Rug No 1


Azilal Rug No 2

Azilal Rug No 3

© Helen Pugh Photography

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