Laura’s Renovation: Gullane’s Old Doctors Surgery Continues..

If you have followed this blog for a while you’ll know that 3 years ago I bought the Gullane’s old Doctors Surgery.  Bought as a Commercial building, it was exactly that; a Doctors Surgery.  Right back at the beginning, on entry I would walk into the reception area which had sliding glass doors and a desk behind them for the Doctors Office area.  To the right there was a large waiting room.  All other rooms were Doctors Treatment rooms.  The building was very sterile and stark.  Fast forward 3 years and the layout has changed considerably.  However we are still a long way off completion.  Works have been slow and it’s been a case of get a bit of money, do a bit more, rather than blitz the place straight away which has never been an option.

After buying the Surgery in October 2015, I converted it to Residential use.  Straight away I had a kitchen and bathroom installed as initially there was neither.  For 6 weeks my girls and I camped in the property around the works.  That was hard going especially as it was the Christmas build up at LT Co!

Then in January 2017 works started again on the back half of the building.  The LT Holiday Apartment was created and now rents out as a two bedroom self contained holiday home via Airbnb, and the LT Co website.  It’s a concept apartment where all interiors are for sale right down to the Art on the walls.  Sleep in LT bedding, use LT Towels, LT Blankets, burn LT candles, use LT Shower Wash and Hand Wash, all products we sell are for testing and using.  Quite literally it’s a try before you buy senario.

In December 2018 works then started again and a new layout inside came about to create a 4th bedroom and a Terrazzo floor laid throughout.  The focus is now on the outside and I hope to get decking put up very soon, which I’ll reveal on the blog in due course.

This weekend in the gorgeous late Spring sunshine I pulled out my trusty paint brush and painted the fence black to match the exterior of the house.  Before the winter the neighours and I teamed together to pull down a large over grown hedge (see image 2 on the left hand side).  We put a new fence as the old one had been rotting for a while.  You can see within the before images that the new fence had only partly been installed.

As always I favour Dulux for paint.  I used Dulux Quick Dry Satinwood, midsheen for Wood and Metal.  I was happy for the colour to be jet black however if you wanted more of a ‘stain’ then had a bit of White Spirit into it until you get the colour you are after.  Black fences work really will when you have a garden with predominetly green vegetation and plants.  The colour of the green plants is really highlighted with black fence behind and is my personal preference when creating a lush green feel for my garden.

Love Laura xxx





This Weekend 11th May 2019




Only one half of the fence had been given a light stain of black and over the weekend I went back over it again to make the fence all one colour.  See the results below.



Images | Laura for LT Co.


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