Laura talk’s on the ‘EGG Talks to’ Podcast

Back in March I went on the EGG Talks to Podcast to talk about the story behind LT Co.

EGG Edinburgh

For anyone reading this and not local, EGG Edinburgh is a group of around 14,000 women.  Founded by a lovely friend Kylie Reid, EGG started it’s existance as a Closed Facebook Group for like minded women.  These woman shared ideas, life hacks, baby chat and business inspiration and recommendations.

Kylie’s EGG Style

I had heard of Kylie’s Edinburgh group from my photographer Helen Pugh.  Helen had spoken about a group in Edinburgh and how she was getting business from it.  She also explained how the group great for getting info about literally anything!

I contacted Kylie and we met up at Dalkeith Country Park for a coffee.  I gave her a candle as told her my story.  She told me hers and we could have chatted away all afternoon that day.

I knew Kylie was a true kind soul when I heard this story.  A friend of mine was on the beach one day with her three young boys at Seacliff in East Lothian.  Kylie had noticed Emma and saw she was one her own with three little boys.  Kylie walked up to Emma and gave her a little note and gift.  It was part of her EGG Day of Kindness to put some kind engery out into world and pay it forward.  Emma was taken aback and it really made her day.


The EGG Group Success

Kylie has taken this group from a facebook page (which is still as good as it was at the start) to a website and organises various different events in Edinburgh.  She wanted to get girls off social media, out the house, meeting new friends, business contacts, getting fitter, and discovering the best Edinburgh (and surrounds!) has to offer.

EGG Working Lunch, Ondine, Edinburgh

Image | EGG


EGG conssts of events which range from Working Lunches (networking) with inspirational speakers, to exclusive 10k runs and shopping events. Kylie’s aim is to be mindful that each one has a purpose and everyone who attends will benefit in some way. She has run a very sucessful Fried EGG Cafe series of events tackle real life issues such as Grief, Mental Health and Depression.


EGG Event at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh, featuring Dermalogica and Laura Mercier.


Image | Helen Pugh Photography


Kylie also clevery launched a digital EGG card.  It’s designed to help enjoy the finer things in life and gives card holder money off local businesses and EGG events. From beauty, to fitness, to eating out and buying a house, Kylie’s little card will not only help the women who hold one, discover great local (and not so local) businesses, but will also save them hundreds of pounds a year.


EGG Website Launch

Images | LT’s iphone


International Woman’s Day Event at The Edinburgh Grand

Images | LT’s iphone


EGG Talks to Podcast

The EGG Talks to Podcast is a series where “fierce Scottish females on a whole range of topics from being a modern mother to running a business, from sustainable fashion to not so sustainable sex… and most things in-between”, says Kylie.

I had the priviledge to go on the Podcast back in March.  What a great experience.  I talked about the journey of LT and how it all started.

What has been to most amazing thing since I went on this Podcast is that fact I have had women contact me about how inspirational my story was to them.  I’m very honest with the fact that I left a very difficult relationship from the other side of the world in New Zealand and arrived back in Scotland 5 years ago with 2 small children and £200 in my back pocket.  While the friends I knew were just living life, going on holiday, getting babysitters to go out, I was at home in my little rented apartment working late nights to get LT Co off the ground and to soley provide for and parent my girls.  The journey has been hard.  I’ve shed a lot of tears.  But I’ll tell you what, it has and is worth it!

There are incredible stories of amazing women on this blog.  In the LT office we are hooked.  We have loved Rachel from Ballintaggart Farm, Lynne McNicoll from charity It’s Good to Give and Rachel from Mademoiselle Macarons.

Listen below to my talk with Kylie on the podcast and I hope my story inspires.  With hard work and pure determination you can be whoever and whatever you want to be….

Love Laura xxx

Listen here:

EGG Talks to.. is also available on Acast, SpotifyStitcher, and Podcast Addict.

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