LT 1/2 Workshop: Christmas Wreath + Christmas Candle Making followed by an LT Lunch

Last Saturday we hosted our first ever 1/2 workshop creating Christmas Wreaths and Christmas Candles at our space The Lighthouse in North Berwick.  10 lovely ladies came along to make Christmas Wreaths and Christmas Candles and enjoy a vegetarian lunch made by Laura.  Wreaths were created from foliage gathered around East Lothian as well as from Laura’s garden.  Each wreath was beautifully individual as each one was made differently by the guests and the most loved foliage was the eucalyptus which came from Laura’s garden and had been cut just hours before.  Christmas candles were made and the focus was more on the traditional scents of Christmas with most guests using orange or bergamot as a base scent to blend with other wintery scents such as Sandalwood, Fir Needle, Clove and Cinnamon.

I’m going to let the images tell the story of the whole morning…

Look out for more of these workshops in 2019!


Love Laura xx




































Photography  |  Helen Pugh for LT


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