Natural Candle Revolution led by LT

Natural Candle Revolution

Back in December Laura was featured in The Times in an article dedicated to all natural candles.  Did you see it?  It’s still live online and amazingly orders are still flooding in from people who are intrigued by the LT range of all natural candles and scent diffusers.

Check it out at :

We have received some lovely messages on the back of Laura’s article, one new LT recruit commented that it was a..

‘ Very interesting piece and great candles.’ And that they were off to order some as a treat!

Mother Day’s

With Mother’s Day just around the corner why not go and order some as a treat for your mother, grandmother or maybe just use it as a great excuse to give yourself some Hygge. Candlelight is Hygge, so let’s do it like the Danes do and burn more natural candles!

Head over to and enjoy a 20% discount on ALL LT candles with code mothersday2018.

Valid until midnight on the 11th March.

Laura’s Natural Candle Tips

* 5 Tips to looking after your LT Candle*

  • Ever get little puddles in your candles? Laura explains how to avoid this look; ‘The first time a candle is lit, allow it to burn for at least an hour and “pool” so the wax melts all the way to the edge of the container. This will stop it from “tunnelling”, where the wick leaves behind unmelted wax.’
  • Waste not want not; ‘Every time the candle is extinguished, cut the wick back to 3mm. The shorter the wick, the less likely it is to waste wax as it burns.’
  • Having guests over? ‘Burn your candles an hour before they arrive to achieve the most impactful fragrance. Then blow out and hide them away, so you can pretend it’s just the natural aroma of your home’. Sneaky!
  • Don’t overheat! Laura advises ‘not to burn your candle for more than four hours or you run the risk of cracking the glass holder.’
  • And as tempting as it is to get your every last drop of your LT candle, this leads to overheating of the glass and can make it crack, so Laura says ‘best to say goodbye when the wax gets to 1cm away from the bottom.’

Love Kate x

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