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It’s easy to oversee your bedroom.  A room that’s barely viewed by others in comparison to our public living spaces.  It deserves to be a happy space where you can totally relax and unwind.  After all we do spend a third of our lives asleep.

When I moved into my old Doctors Surgery 22 months ago, I knew my bedroom would be far down on the never-ending to-do list.  After all there was no kitchen or bathroom when we actually started living here.

Fast forward to yesterday when I started the big overhaul.  My bedroom was originally a Doctor’s treatment room.  When we moved in I literally plonked my bed down with not much thought as I was in the middle of a very busy work period in the run up to Christmas.  It had a very ugly and unstylish L-shaped kitchenette unit and an large stainless steel sink and draining board in the far right hand corner.  The curtains could only be described as being ‘army barrack style’ (ridiculously horrible) and the carpet, a commercial green colour, still scares me.

Recently the kitchette and sink have been ripped out.  Solving the problem of not having a laundry space (I plumbed up a washing machine in the old staff kitchen out the back and then couldn’t use it as the divide went up when I created the holiday apartment so needed another in my end of the building).  So the builders suggested putting up a stud wall to create and conceal a very small laundry space and floor to ceiling storage.

Now this might sound mad – and it is having a laundry in your bedroom – however with a sliding door and soon (within the next few weeks) a built-in wardrobe created, the whole right hand wall will appear to be one full wall length of storage and will flow with the room.

Restyle & Inspiration

I’ve created two design plans for my new room, both with different colour palettes.  All accessories are under £500 so even if your aren’t doing a major overhaul like me, then you can refresh and update your room for a few hundred pounds.  Changing or adding a few accessories can make such a difference in refreshing your private space.


Style Idea 1

Colour palette: Blue + Yellow.


a | Pudda Basket IKEA

b | Poroka Rug

c | Lavender Candle Laura Thomas

d | Linen Blanket The Future Kept

e | Madrid Table Lamp Noxu Home

f | Washed Linen Cushion Cover H&M

g | Teva Cushion Cover

h | Big Waterfall Rachel Castle

i | Zebra Print Hector Rose

j | Otto Swoon Editions at time of editing this piece was on sale at £99 now £129

k | Cygnet Lambswool Blanket The Future Kept


Style Idea 2

Palette: Blush Pink, Black, Cream.


a | Asiatic Hand Woven Hand Woven Rug Cult Furniture

b | Typography Print Etsy

c | Otto Swoon Editions

d | Geometric Mountain Print Cult Furniture

e | Theo Reversable Cushion

f | Velvet Cushion Maison du Monde

g | Aberdeen Extenable Wall Light Habitat

h | Bocage Wooden Rack Cult Furniture

i | Lime + Basil Candle Laura Thomas

j | Nomade Eco Lambwool Blanket The Future Kept


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