Concrete House

This Concrete House was shortlisted for the Australian ‘Houses’ Award for 2016.  It’s function and form are second to none.  The use of natural raw materials; concrete, wood and granite create a solid structure that works so well with the brass features found throughout.

Every little detail has been thought about.  From the random stones used in the driveway, the concrete block broken up by the wooden horizontal lines, the matching granite on the kitchen splashback and in the bathroom and the use of light to soften this otherwise masculine building, there is no wonder at all why this building was shortlisted for an architectural award.

(images via Aushaus Architecture)















Coming Soon on LTID


You’ll be wondering what the latest is on my current home renovation.

With the beautiful warm weather there has been much concentration on the outdoor areas of the section. We have a garden now (well kind of, it’s still a long way off).  These areas take time and I have been shooting ‘befores’ and ‘durings’ but I’ve not quite finished the ‘afters’ yet!  The big reveal will be soon with a few posts now drawing to completion.

New posts coming soon;

‘Sleek New Outdoor Shower’ my new hot outdoor shower.

‘Privacy, the New Fence’ sponsored by Dulux.  The new fence that now doesn’t allow a certain neighbour to spy on me (find out more soon).

‘New Washing Line’ just where is the best place to put a washing line?

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