5 Tips for Getting your Bed Ready for Summer

Finally summer is slowly arriving.  The spring blossoms have disappeared and the daffy’s have wilted for another year.  Scotland this week has been dry, warm and sunny.  With the days stretching 5 minutes each day, the light has been incredible and it’s now not dark until 9.18pm.

So do you change your bed from Winter cosy to simple Summer during the changing of the seasons?

This week I have changed my duvet from a medium weight 100% organic wool duvet (you can buy them here) to a 4.5 tog Anti Allergy Duvet (have a look here).  Getting my bed ready for Summer is something I really look forward to doing.  Summer for me, signifies fun.  It’s all about the beach.  Hanging out, having picnics, swimming in the sea, playing with kids, camp fires and roasting marshmallows – it was the reason behind our move to the beautiful village of Gullane.

Here are my 7 Tips for getting your bed ready for summer.


1-  Ditch the Duvet

Depending on where you live, get rid of that duvet.  Use a fitted sheet on the mattress and a flat sheet on top.  Add warmth with a couple of blankets or a large throw.  This transition makes and creates a totally different sleeping experience from summer to winter.  Whereby your snuggling in Winter surrounded by feathers and fluffy blankets is replaced by sheets and simplicity in summer.

It’s important that we embrace the seasons.  After Summer there is always Autumn and after Autumn there is always Winter and so on.  There are eay Winters and hard Winters as well as warm Summers and rainy ones.  If we fight the seasons it can let our mood dip and life can slide.  Changing your style of bed can help with embracing your least favourite season.

The reason the Danes are so happy?  They embrace the seasons!  They transition their daily habits to fit the seasons.

Top Tip: create a uber comfortable look with your summer bed by layering pillows at the headboard.



(Image | Tartan Collection, Laura Thomas Linens 2013)


2- Declutter

Clutter over Winter can build up.  Get rid of books, magazines and papers that you have read (or will never read)!  Remove items that don’t belong in the bedroom.  Create calm on the eye that signifies light and ease to give that all round Summer airiness.



(Image | Laura Thomas Linens at Driftwood Seaside Escapes, Kerikeri, New Zealand)


3- Bring in the Breeze

All those Winter months your windows have been permanently shut.  It’s now time to open them up and let the Summer breeze and Summer smell in.  At this time of year (late Spring) you may only open them during the day but as the season moves on why not let the summer air in.



(Image | Laura’s New Zealand Villa renovation 2012)


4-  Change your Bedding

It’s hard to beat crisp, white bed linen.  Transitioning from Winter to Summer is the perfect excuse to update your linen cupboard and getting your bed ready for Summer with a simple white bed.

Go on treat yourself!



(Image | Loire Ladderstitch, Laura Thomas Linens 2016)


5- Put some Flowers in a Vase

It’s late Spring, the trees are flowering and the summer flowers are beginning to appear.  Flowers are an extravagant buy for any weekly shop but you don’t need to buy them.  Get out into nature and pick some wild flowers or style a vase with a twig or two with some greenery on it.



(Image | Laura Thomas Linens)



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