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Welcome to my new look blog!

I’m so pleased with the new style.  Created to be easy on the eye, the monchrome homepage fits my personal style well, which I aim to reflect in all my posts.  I hope you enjoy reading the new blog as much as I have had organising it!

Today’s post involves news and a stunning Scandinavian House Tour.

The Laura Thomas Linens site needed updating.  The old template was built in 2011, completed by 2012 and defunked by 2015.  That’s only three years later and it was regarded as ‘old skool’!  Can you believe that?  Nobody could predict just how quickly technology would advance and at such a high speed.

So I’ve merged my business and blog for the first time.  Previously they were only linked.  There are a couple of reasons for doing this.  Firstly, for SEO puposes so the search engines would always have fresh LTL content.  Secondly, to do with my two major goals for 2016.  I wanted a news area on my website to share the exciting things that are up and coming for Laura Thomas Linens in 2016.  So it made sense to join LTID to LTL.

So what are my exciting goals, I hear you ask?

Goal 1 – to release my first catalogue.  Excitingly this is actually HAPPENING right now.  My first ever mail order catalogue will be sent out soon (April) and will not only feature my products but will also give sleep advice and tips as well as to give you (the readers and clients) a little insight into what goes on in the background.  I literally eat, sleep, breath my business day in day out.  I’m so passionate about my little ‘baby’ and love the creative buzz and lifestyle it has given me and I want to share that joy and inspire others to follow their dream too.  You can sign up to receive a copy here.

Goal 2 – Release seasonal collections.  I’ve been pushing this idea since day 1.  Only now 4 years later will I achieve this when I release my upcoming Autumn / Winter 2016 collection later on in the year.  At the end of last year I had tried to forge my ideas towards a Spring / Summer 2016 collection however the business just wasn’t ready.  Growing organically is slower than slow and I haven’t been prepared to grow via angel funding, loans or anything along those lines.  That’s not say I never will however I’ve always seen my business as an experiment – throwing my style onto the market and seeing if it’s well recieved.

Merging my blog with my business felt like the right course of action to take.  That way everything is all in the same place.  If you follow my LTID facebook page then I’d be so grateful if you could ‘like’ the Laura Thomas Linens page (if you haven’t kindly already done so) as I’ll be also merging the pages too.  It’s seems a waste energy and love having two pages, when one page would benefit from a mix of Laura Thomas Linens, home style, interiors, house tours and DIY.


Scandinavian House Tour.  An Apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Today’s house tour is one that I simply had to share!  This apartment found in the Gothenburg district of Haga, combines interior styles that work so well one could class them as ‘interior genius’.  Boho meets Mid Century Modern with hints of Industrial from the lighting.  All beautifully curated and surrounded by classic Scandinavian white washed walls and ceilings.  The stylish, non over-powering art gives off an educated, cultured vibe and the earthy rich colour combination throughout is so uniform and balanced.


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Images | Alvhem



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