Floating Shelving

Like all renovations, progress happens far slower than first thought.  The Chippy has to wait for the Sparky who’s waiting for the Roofer and it’s a fine chain of events getting things done and finished.

Within the next few days I’ll have my kitchen splash back tiled.  I have chosen beveled subway tiles in white with a light grey grouting.  Beveled tiles give that extra texture and depth to the eye that normal subway tiles can’t by comparison.  The grey grouting, known as ‘manhattan’ will also help to make the tiles stand out and give more visual to the wall that would otherwise be all white as the tiles will begoing from the top of the units to the based of the wooden vaulted ceiling.

So today I was searching for floating shelving to go along the tiles so I have space to display and style some of my favourite kitchen tools.


(image above | anyeongchinguyo | image here |  Decorpad)

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