Christmas 2015 at Laura Thomas Linens

What a whirl wind last 7 weeks it’s been.  Amara Blog Awards at the end of October, the week following moving into a property with no bathroom nor kitchen and 17 days out of the 30 in November at Christmas Fairs with Laura Thomas Linens

Focusing on work during this time, I was lucky to be able to leave day to day life in the hands of a great helper.  Super nanny / super packer / super keep me saner-er.  I laughed, cried, grumped and she just took it all in her stride.  Isn’t amazing when people pop into your life and just make your days easier?

I’ve been asked a lot about what’s happening at my new Reno project.  Much posting to follow from now onwards (tomorrow actually).  To briefly update, we moved on the 1st November.  A fantastic chippy started the next day to put a shower room into an existing disabled toilet.  There was a hold up though.  I ordered black brassware from Italy.  In true Mediterranean relaxed style the deadlines and due dates came and went.  So the job ground to a halt.  Parts now arrived, the chippy’s back on site tomorrow morning and a Sparky too, to wire up for a kitchen going in.

So hopefully by the end of this week we will have a shower.  Bathing in an over sized bucket with a plastic shower head hose, has had it’s day.  It’s been tough time having such turmoil when I’ve been so busy work wise.  What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger right?

Treat yourself and yours in affordable luxury with Laura Thomas Linens this Christmas.  Gifts from £5.

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