Rough Luxe.

I mentioned in a recent post here about the interior style of ‘Rough Luxe’.  This movement sees the combination of a little rough with a little luxury.  Rejecting extravagence and minimalism and glamourously showing off raw imprefection, it’s a combination of styles.

Think shabby chic on a bigger budget, rough luxe is a style that is more in tune with it’s masculine, industrial side as opposed to feminine pastels and prints.  Think worn and washed surfaces, together with rich textiles, quirky artworks and vintage pieces.

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Above & Below: G Rough Hotel, in Rome affectionately self described as ‘unconventional luxury’.

Rough Luxe trend for boutique hotels continues to grow.  The lastest to
join this style is that of the G-Rough Hotel in Rome.  Opened in March,
this luxury five star, centrally located hotel features stripped walls
and exposed wooden beams.  The decor is pared-back luxury, with retro
furnishings and vintage tiles.  London’s own Rough Luxe Hotel
has been peddling this affection since 2008.  A Georgian house in a
dodgy part of London takes pride on claiming that their rooms may be
small however the luxury is in the fine wine, bed linen, art and the hosts looking after you.  So hotels are offering a different type of luxury, giving the AirBnB and 1BB generation a home-from-home experience.

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So what is Rough Luxe to you and me?  Put simply, it’s ‘old’ and ‘secondhand’ and that’s exactly how it’s supposed to look.  This design trend combines story telling (the vintage) with raw materials (the building elements), to give a unique look.

We now live in an economy where people are buying less.  Have you heard the word ‘deflation’ being thrown around in recent days in the UK press (prices coming down because demand is less)?  People tend to be buying things that have more meaning.  In a latest trend forecast, the rough luxe vibe has permeated in other areas too such as fashion, food and architecture.  For example, barns, pulling down the old wooden beams and making furniture out of it’s rough beauty.  In turn this creates a deep connection between the history behind that certain furnishing, heightening an owner’s pride level as there is a story to tell.

How to Bring Rough Luxe Home

1/ Mix and match materials, textures and colours such as reclaimed brick, oversized art and velvet.  Brick brings the outside in giving a simple raw beauty.

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2/ Texture.  Bring some accent textures into your room, such as burlap, canvas, linens and velvet.

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Jute and burlap cushions and other accessories from £30

3/ Use oversized furnishings and decorations.  Collect bric-a-brac or purchase that central focus piece. 

 (image | Barker and Stonehouse)

Just launched from Barker and Stonehouse, Lauder 3 seat sofa £1,185 and Athos Coffee Table £785

4/ Don’t be shy with using a glitzy colour.  A little bling goes a long way, adding depth to the luxurious side of rough luxe.

(image | Barker and Stonehouse)

Barker and Stonehouse, Golden Pineapple £29, Black and Orange Plate £22.50, Eton Candle Sticks £5 each and S/4 Square Mirrorred Wall Art £119.

So love it or hate it, ‘Rough Luxe’ combines the old with the new, the found with the fancy.  What’s your thoughts?

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