2015. LT’s Year of Creativity.

Happy New Year!  It’s been a great break from the blog the past few weeks.  During 2014 the LTID has become even more of a true love of mine.  I enjoy posting, researching and photographing for it and although a break was needed it’s been hard to stay away.

As you can see the blog has had a face lift.  Let me know your thoughts?  My aim for the style was simple, easy to read and most importantly: to inspire.  While typing this post tonight (Sunday) the header pages at the top are not yet live.  They will be soon!

My theme for 2014 was ‘giving’.  Throughout the year I aimed to give as much as I could.  Whether that be through giving my time and energy, donating financially, helping others where I could to make anything easier for them or little things like turning up to a friends house with baked goodies, I really enjoyed mindfully giving. 

Giving made me feel good about myself which in turn helped my productivity while I juggle my business and my two beautiful daughters.  Reaching out also helped me to be more positive and consiously drive my life in a clear and confident direction.  Last year’s theme of giving perfectly rolls into this years. 2015 is my year of “creativity”.  Where giving gave me positivity, creativity will inspire. 

The LTID will be bigger and better this year.  There will be more video tutorials and a new renovation project to follow.  I’ll be working more closely with some larger brands too, all with one aim in mind.  Creativity.  Rock on 2015! 

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