Country Living Magazine, Christmas Fair, Glasgow 2014

Coming offline for the first time was really quite an experience.  Possibly the hardest, yet rewarding event with Laura Thomas Linens so far.  As I type I have a husky voice due to the amount of times I asked shoppers if they’d ‘like to smell my Christmas Candle‘ (to some, a very dodgy request and made for a few giggles).

My Christmas candles this year (after serious amount of testing) have a good balance between sweet and spice notes.  Made with essential oils of orange, cinnamon, clove and cedar wood they really are Christmas in a jar.  They were by far the biggest seller and (like the rest of my life) came together just before the show with the recycled boxes and packaging arriving the day before.

I received an overwhelming response to my linen and really had a wonderful time talking away to all the lovely people.  If you visited the LTL stand, thanks.  A return venture to the Country Living Fairs next year will see LTL in London and Glasgow.  Until then…

(Photography / Laura Thomas)

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