New Christmas Candles from Laura Thomas

Christmas is such a sensual time of year.  I say that as growing up in the Northern Hemisphere Christmas to me represents distinctive smells.  A freshly cut fir tree as you walk into a room for example or the warming effect of cinnamon spiced baking and the sweet-savoury smell of mulled wine at a friends casual drinks party.

Currently living in New Zealand, Southern Hemisphere Christmas scents are little more sweet and summery.  Strawberries and cream, cherries, the salty smell of seafood sizzling in the barbecue and the citrus grassy fragrance of a glass of chilled New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

The making of new Laura Thomas Chirstmas100% soy candles, I set out to created a blend of my Christmas scent experiences of both Northern and Southern Hemispheres.  My formula is a bit of a secret (sorry!) however I can reveal I had fun blending fragrances and essential oils to get what I’d confess as a pleasurable spicy sweet Christmas scent.  Blending essential oils of pine and cloves with three fragrances one being Navel New Zealand Orange.  Like everything in life the new Laura Thomas Christmas Candles is a fine balance and so far the reponse has been overwhelming..

Buy a candle as a gift or dress your house with the scent of Christmas completing your hard work in preparing for the family.

Laura Thomas Christmas Candle, 5 oz, $36.50, Burn time 15 hours, free New Zealand delivery.

(Images / Laura Thomas)

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