New Zealand fashion Week 2013

I applied and was accepted as official media this year at the 2013 New Zealand Fashion Week.  What a delight to have been accredited as a blogger with substance enough to be deserving of a pass.  If your a blogger yourself you’ll know much time is put into maintaining, creating and photographing good content.  The weeks since applying have rolled by and New Zealand’s hottest date in the fashion calender is finally here.  I am in Auckland today for media registration and two days of fashion, catwalks, models, clothes and blogging.

What an eye opener media registration was.  People, cameras, paperwork and goodie bags all buzzing around the foyer of the large water front events centre.  I have to admit I was slightly over-whelmed.  After over hearing some slim, slender and very trendy looking models stereo-typically “bitching” about a woman bossing them around at a recent fitting, I sheepishly squeezed through a bunch of suited and booted gangham themed Asian men only to be clunked on the head by one of their giant Nikon cameras.  Regaining my composure I reached the front of the queue only to stammer when asking if I was at the right place.  Alas, I was and my Laura Thomas named pass and goodie bag was given to me officiating the start of my bona fide blogger’s experience at Fashion Week.  Next stop tonight’s opening night ceremony…

Beautiful spring day in Auckland.
(Photography / Laura Thomas)

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