Top 10 Interior Blogs to Follow

Does one actually follow a blog or are we occasional browsers?  Out there in blogosphere,  the average person gives an article or image only six seconds to decide whether it is worth perusing or not.

Below is a list of my blog picks, this August 2013.  Blogs that I regularly browse (yes, I hop in and out and only actually follow a couple of blogs and yes, this list is worth considering for more than six seconds)!  My love of blogs has left the Newspaper firmly on the stand for me.  Blogs are wonderfully quick bites of inspiration and news in our modern world, where time is precious.  I’d rather leave the news of doom and gloom behind me and focus on reading articles that inspire and make me feel happy.


Emmas Designblogg is my creme of the crop of the moment.  Author Emma studied interior design at the infamous Central St Martins College, London and is a freelance journalist, interior stylist and professional blogger, starting her blog in 2005.  The blog is full of dreamy interior images and features much Scandinavian inspired up-to-the minute design. 


Being an expat in New Zealand I often yearn for all things old world.  A visit to English gentleman, Ben Pentreath‘s blog is just the cure.  In 2008, Pentreath set up his interiors shop in Bloomsbury, London next door to his architectural and design company.  His blog is a connection of his interior and architectural passions and features stunning images of English architecture around Norfolk and ‘at the Old Parsonage’ where he lives by weekend.  Well worth an all England fix and beautifully written to boot. 


In one word Made from Scratch is delightfully ‘cute’.  Started by Author Rachael McMahon in 2010 to collate ideas, inspirations and recipes for the lead up to her wedding day.  It has evolved since, as a lifestyle blog to follow.  Beautiful images of weddings ooze out of this blog, as well as artistically styled recipes.  Rachael runs baking classes (Auckland) and having had a bit of communication with her myself, she is as lovely as her blog. 


Follow Karine, a French expat, living in London on the Bodie and Fou blog.  Owner of concept lifestyle store Bodie and Fou, the style and simplicity of this blog and it’s contents makes for enlivening reading.  Recently featured in New Zealand House and Gardens as well as being a big name in the UK, Karine regularly showcases images of her London home and french holiday house.


I’m bias yes, this is a lovely blog based in Scotland by Deborah.  Ollie and Seb’s Haus affectionately named so after her sons, is full of black and white interiors and the odd healthy recipe and is well worth a look.  Watch how she styles her son’s room or the shots of her recent Copenhagen holiday, this blog is good for a dip.


Curator of exquisite black, white and neutral interior images, Milo and Mitzy delivers a dreamy blog that is easy eye candy.  A New Zealand blog started by Hawkes Bay Amy, soon to be mum of two and lover of industrial mixed with vintage.


Plenty of Colour is a design blog “devoted to showcasing and celebrating colour”.  Be sure to look this blog up on a dull day, not only will it lift your spirits but will widen your eye to the beauty of colour.  A Canadian based site with a colour spectrum as big as a rainbow.


An encyclopedia of design and interiors Abigail Ahern is a UK style queen.  Get lost in her newly up-dated blog site, buy her books or be a student on one of her courses at a location somewhere in the world.  Grab yourself a pot of tea, comfortable seat and a spare hour or so and get lost into the world of Abigail Ahern. 


No top 10 list would be complete without having the Decor 8 blog on it.  Rammed full of interior ideas, DIY, craft and recipes amongst others.  Need I say more.. this blog is definitely worth a look. 


Thread, a New Zealand style and fashion focused site, definitely deserves a mention on this list.  Started by Megan Robinson 12 years ago, it showcases trends and what’s hot in New Zealand fashion.  Always present and covering major shows and PR events, Megan leaves no stone unturned in the fashion world.  A craftswoman herself with a needle and thread, she often posts about the clothes she makes and wears matched with designer labels.

Please leave comments below, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the blogs you enjoy too, Laura x

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