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First of Many

I moved into a new house back in February that needed totally renovating.  In terms of style it is very different from the last renovation project of our 1920’s colonial villa.  This house is a 1980’s bungalow set within an old orange orchard.  Experts say live in a house for six months to see what you’ll change.  Six months are nearly up and it has taken time and planning to decide what we will change and what will add value.  This is the first of many posts on the renovations that will take place on this house.  Some big, some small.  If you love DIY and want tips, ideas or inspiration then watch this space.  I also love getting comments so if there is the time in your day, jot your thoughts down and we can have a chat.


It seemed an obvious place to start a house make over.  A quick and easy lick of white paint in all directions and done.  Well no.  The laundry took a good few weekends around children, businesses, being social and that rarity known as relaxing.

Well how do you determine the amount of time a project will take?  I had thought a weekend for this job however took nearly four!  Just like the rule of setting up a new business whereby take the amount of cash you think it will take to start a new business then double it, I’m setting myself a new DIY rule.  Take your initial time thoughts, double it and then triple for good measure.

Mighty White

Persil would be proud, my made over laundry could be a contender of a forth coming commercial less rugby boots more grubby pink leggings.  Regular readers will know my love for all things white and the laundry got a good blast of just that.


On this occasion,  I didn’t think to take before pictures.  I can only describe the boring and already functional room that it was.  I haven’t changed nor added any furniture and fittings.  I’ve just added more of a cloak room feel.

The walls were grey and the cupboard doors had been spray painted gold.  Yes gold, a bizarre colour scheme to go with natural tiles, grey walls and unpainted cheap veneer doors.

The only thing left to do is a floor to ceiling shelving unit.  It is going to go in to the left hand side of the hanging jackets on the image below.  This is a whole new post in itself.  So we can say for the laundry, to be continued..

Easy hooks tip: find a piece of wood that fits your required width.  I saw an old oar that was used in a similar way to above.  Delicately sand and lightly brush with white undercoat to give a distressed look.  Buy brass hooks from any good hardware store.  Hang.  Simple!

The gold cupboards now white.  The old fashioned brass hinges were removed, soaked in methylated spirits and scrubbed by hand with a scourer to get off all old flaky paint from previous haphazard painters. 

It’s about the little details.  I love buying things that appeal and have memories.  These cute little spotty hearts were found in a bric a brac shop on recent trip back to Scotland.

Vintage glass lamp shade found at a market.  The 1980’s bubble glass window lead on to the back fence and a pretty row of the orange trees.  They are not for keeping however in time we plan to replace the window and adjoining door to more modern fittings.  For the time being we are sticking with the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ attitude and will leave for now. 

 (Photography / Laura Thomas)

Proof is in the pudding.  The Thomas household does use organic Laura Thomas Linens fitted sheets.

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