If You Simply Must Work from Bed

Laid up

Your self employed and have slipped a disk in your spine.  Your bed ridden.  The show must go on.  So what do you do?

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

We are lucky to live in a digital era where everything is computerised and therefore portable. Working from bed, where your body can recover might be a good answer but how comfortable is that really?

After spending the majority of a day last week in bed trying to overcome a bug, I found myself on my ipad by lunchtime, uncomfortably trying to work, supported by pillows and bending my knees to hold my tablet.

Being self employed, not working isn’t an option so bearing this in mind I had a search for the best laptop support trays on the market today.

                                                                                      Image via Trend Hunter

Comfort First

With many similar designs and varying prices I decided the selling factor for me was comfort.  I narrowed it down to the two below. 

 Ikea BRADA Laptop Support $17.95 AUS

Laptop Table CLASSIC $65.00 NZD Bamboo and New Zealand made.

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