Bathrooms Sell Houses.

Real Estate Agents will tell you that the room that influences a buyers decision is the bathroom.  An unattractive bath can be a deal breaker.  Bathrooms are where we start and end our days and it is important when selling a house to enhance the bathroom/s to the best of your ability.
It doesn’t cost much to spruce up your bathroom.  Here are a few tips on how to grab a buyer’s attension;


  • Replace fixtures with new fittings such modern taps or a new shower head.   
  • Add style, buy new fluffy white towels and hand cloths.
  • Create space, paint your bathroom white to give an airy spacious feeling.
  • Clean, clean, clean, be sure to make your shower and taps shine before viewings and open homes.


  • Get rid of any personal clutter, let the buyer imagine their own belongings on view.
  • Fix up any maintenance issues (plumbing) or chipped paint.
  • Add storage.  
  • Add luxury, an inexpensive overhead heater near the shower for serious comfort.

Finally and most importantly

  •  Enhance your lighting

The below article is published in partnership with Pebble Grey, a UK bathroom mirror and bathroom cabinet specialist.

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