One Bed, Two Duvets. European Style Sleeping.

He’s hot, she’s cold.  She likes a heavier tog weight duvet in winter, he likes the same weight all year round.  Tug o’ war in the middle of the night can be all too popular a scenario when sleeping with your loved one. 

Scandinavian’s have a solution to that.  Two single duvets on one bed.  This isn’t limited to countries such as Sweden, other parts of Europe such as Germany and Austria follow this style too.

Two single duvets are spread vertically on the bed, one beside the other.  A blanket or throw is generally laid on top to keep it looking neat.

With changing seasons in the different hemisphere’s at the moment this might be worth a try. At the moment my Husband and I have a super king duvet on a king mattress to combat the midnight wriggles.  A single duvet each could be just the solution for us with summer around the corner.  If you already sleep with this arrangement, let me know how it works for you.

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4 thoughts on “One Bed, Two Duvets. European Style Sleeping.

  1. Laura Thomas says:

    Hi Emily

    Thanks for your comment. My husband and I have tried and used this European sleeping style. We have just changed back (from this style) to our winter duvet which is a king as it's heavier as we are about to go into Winter here in New Zealand, it's always lovely to cuddle up on a cold night! This style however was AMAZING in summer. My husband and I always seem to be different temperatures in summer and having our own cooler duvets meant we could wrap ourselves (or not) as and when we pleased when the night got cooler around the 2/3am mark and not wake each other up. It's worth the investment in the duvets and if it doesn't suit try putting the single duvets underneath the bottom sheet in winter months – deep comfort at it's best!

    Thanks for reading my blog, Laura x

  2. Marsha and David says:

    My parents are Dutch and this was the norm in my home growing up, unlike everyone else in Canada. I can't imagine any better arrangement. Whenever I've had to share a duvet with anyone, it's never ended well 🙂 If I want the bed to look neat, I cover the duvets with a large quilt.

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